We've had to scramble like the rest of the world and catch up on how we react and interact with the news everyday. Travel and welfare among ourselves and loved ones has been affected. And answers and planning with you, our future or returning friends, is first on our mind. (Outside fishing, kayaking or hiking in this fantastic spring weather is also nagging us to enjoy yet the serious nature of this pandemic demands serious attention and respect.)

Our national and regional governments, our global and regional health organizations, and vacation rental behemoths such and and the membership with the Vacation Rental Managers Association have been our resources.


We've arrived at the following policy as of March 13, 2020 - valid through May 31, 2020 (policy after May 31 undetermined at this time due to the fluidity of situation )

1. Keep everything status quo - like majority of our booked guests.


2. Because we care about your wellness and respect your decision making, we will be waiving cancel and change fees and apply 100% of monies paid toward future booking confirmation good through May 31, 2021.  ***   (Please be aware that the property you booked may not be available in future dates. But our portfolio is ever growing and there are lots to choose from at


3. You can cancel your reservation at any time with normal cancellation fees found in the booking contract agreement.

***If your reservation was made through or they control (own) that reservation and hold your monies. Their policy has changed nearly daily in the last week regarding the virus and your travel plans. Please check with them for most current guidance on your reservation and the virus.

And finally and highly important, a message from our Director of Operations who oversees the housekeeping staff:

We use ONLY antibacterial cleaners on all counters, appliances toilets sinks and showers. All handles light switches, remotes and furniture is sprayed with antibacterial sprayed or wiped before departure. Our mop water contains anti bacterial, bleach or liquid Lysol disinfecting cleaner. All towels and sheets are washed in bleach. This has been our normal routine for many years, but we are enforcing extra diligence now for our health and the health of our guests.

Supplies in the cabins:

We hope that after the panic buying has passed, our regular suppliers will get back to normal.

As of March 15 toilet paper is sold out in a 60 miles radius of us. Online bulk options have soared to 200% their regular rates. We have some stocked but we expect it to deplete soon because our cabin occupancy is high with guests enjoying their vacations in Ozarks.

We will be halving what we normally supply in paper products. We cannot lower your cleaning and supply fee because we have prioritized to spend monies on the disinfectants and quality cleaning supplies we use during turnovers. As you may be aware, the price of cleaning products has also increased. Clean and disinfected cabins is our priority to our staff health and our guests.

On check-in day you will be alerted if you need to BYO TP or paper towels. (for the kitchens - all cabins supplied with dish rags that have been washed with disinfectant). They are also supplied with body wash, hand soap, dish soap and laundry pods if applicable.

Around the Area:  

GO TAKE A HIKE! ~ there are hundreds of miles of trails and streams with waterfalls, trout fishing, and kayaking, bald eagle viewing and bunny rabbits nibbling spring grass.

We have learned of postponements of some festivals and restaurants and music venues with different hours.  At press time (March 16) there are no announcements of major area (pay for) attractions that are closed.  We cannot possibly keep up with here the ever changing status of all the establishments you may or may not be interested in.  We are sincerely trying our best to keep informed with due diligence though.

BLANCHARD CAVERNS is now closed except for Wild Cave Tours that you have to reserve directly with them.  The Folks Festival has been postponed to May.


Team at Ivy Vacations LLC