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Ivy's Italy Vacations ~ Around the Bay of Naples

Vito and Virginia have joined forces, thanks to the forces of the universe. Born and trained as a chef in Naples, Italy, Vito will be operating our vacation service in Naples. Two properties are under construction to welcome guests for authentic food, accommodation and cultural walking tours. Below are scenes from the area - and us.

Food and Culture

We have the Italy you crave. Vito has been a professional chef for 30 years. Trained at the top institute in Naples. Recently, he has been offering guided walking and tasting tours - to Italian tourists! He is honing his skills for international guests soon to arrive

Vacation Houses

Two very different vacation destinations are under construction: apartment and the castle-ette (or casteletto).

The apartment is a 4 floor walk up. With private roof top access that has incredible views of the sea, the isle of Capri, mt vesuvius and historic buildings. It is located in the working class and very authentic Spanish Quarter which is one of the oldest sections of Naples. This apartment is desirable for travelers who want to live, eat and shop among the locals. It is a 10 minute walk to the bay.

The Casteletto will be a premier luxury destination offering chef catered experiences. It is high on a ridge in the elite Capodimonte district. Near the Botanical Gardens and the Palace. It has a lush garden with always fruit in season. You feel miles away and kingly here with its sweeping views of the urban landscape and sea to the horizon.